The Pickwick Prompt

As a writer and avid tea drinker I’ve thought of something to help those of us who want to add a bit more dept to their characters and conversations.

One of my go-to tea brands, Pickwick, has added something interesting to their tea labels a couple of years ago. On the back of each teabag’s label they added a question, a little something to start a conversation or to get to know your fellow tea drinkers.

Some of these questions are easy to answer, some are very personal and others take a bit of thought. Nothing like diving into those memories.. So it occurred to me, if we enjoy answering these questions, and they make us think about our selves and our lives, then why should it be any different for our characters?

So I’ve been collecting all these question-tags and I’ve gathered them all in one big master list. I’ve come to call it ‘The Pickwick Prompt’.

You can find it here.

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