It’s all in your head

Here we are then. The completion of my first children’s book has awoken both a muse and a beast within me. The need to now write a novel is immense and I have given in.

Ideas for several books have since plagued my mind and a dust covered half started fantasy/historic novel has been screaming my name for quite some years now.

I’m chaotic at best when it comes to writing and inspiration. Before now only writing when inspiration strikes me and thus never really completing one story while starting dozens.

Finally completing a project has sparked something within me. A fire so bright it is hard to ignore. So I decided on a different approach this time. Instead of flying by the seat of my pants I’m plotting, planning, doing my research and brainstorming a whole lot.

Let’s hope it pays of, wish me luck. 📖🖊

Akino & Lila can be purchased as hardcover and ebook in Dutch.

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